Crypto Connect 3 Version 2.0 is Live!

Hello everyone,

We have exciting and highly anticipated news to share!

Version 2.0 of Crypto Connect 3 is live in the Google Play Store. Download or update your game:

This is a HUGE update! The game is completely redesigned, with great new features like withdrawals, premium adventures, as well as the ability to restart your journey as many times as you want to continue playing and earning PHT.

The game is on a brand new, faster server. It is no longer connected to Crypto Planet. Updating your game will require you to login with Google or Facebook, which will create a brand new account. Your current PHT balance is safe and securely synced with your current Crypto Planet account.

Introducing Premium Adventures!

Upgrade your journey to “Premium” and earn 3x more PHT per level. You can upgrade at any time during your progress, which will reward you instantly with extra PHT accumulated from previous levels.

Withdraw your PHT directly from the game!

Once you complete all 100 levels, you can withdraw your PHT to any Tron wallet that supports tokens. Simply press on the “wallet” icon on the right side of the PHT balance.

We have also made great discounts to Star Coin packages in the Shop!

Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

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