Something Green is coming !

Hello Everyone,

June was a busy month for Phoneum and we would like to update you all on what is coming up next.

Crypto Cards:

- The 2FA (two-factor authentication) security update is finally out, which requires all players to bind their account with a mobile phone number, to prevent the use of multiple accounts, as well as to further protect the account and all assets a user has.

- We are currently finalizing a major update, which will introduce “Something Green”! This will be a huge milestone for the future of Phoneum and the PHT token. The update is expected to go live by the 15th of July.

- Withdraws will be open with the “Green” update.

- The Second Season of Game Pass is now live as well.


- Due to the workload associated with the “Green” update in Crypto Cards, we had to push some of the roadmap releases by a few weeks.

- The Crypto Treasures 3.0 update will be released in July.

- PHT will get listed on two new exchanges instead of one in July as well.

- The Green Karma update will go live in August.

- We are happy to announce that the minimum PHT withdrawal limit has been reduced to 15,000 from 20,000 and will be reduced further in the next 3 months.

Thank you for your patience and continued support!

Stay tuned for more exciting updates soon.

The Phoneum Team

Phoneum is a decentralized cryptocurrency, that operates on mobile devices via app ONLY. For more information, please visit our website: